Video Production – Starting Out

Today, I went out in the amazing weather and took the first steps toward learning something I have always wanted to know – how to shoot properly shoot video. My wife, who has a lot more experience doing this sort of work, took me out and showed me how to use her DSLR and a couple of different lenses. She and I also watched a few fantastic tutorials on how to shoot with a cinematic style using DSLRs. Here’s a great starting point for others looking to learn.


Unfortunately, we weren’t able to shoot as much as I had wanted, partially due to the weather changing for the worse and because we lost some time when we had to buy a higher class SDHC card (something not mentioned in the videos we watched was the fact that you need to use a class 10 card for shooting 1080p video). Hopefully, my next post will include an example or two of what I’ve been trying to capture since I plan on going out tomorrow and shooting some more.

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