Movies of 2015 – February

Jupiter Ascending (2015) – The Wachowskis

maxresdefaultJupiter Ascending is a textbook case of how to use CGI to create pure, exhilarating spectacle in a movie. The Wachoskis know better than anyone else how to make every shot have something interesting to look at in it. I was never bored by this movie because I was constantly looking forward to the next environment, action scene, costume, or effect. Like the Wachowskis’ Speed Racer and Cloud Atlas before it, Jupiter Ascending will have its share of critics, but I go to the cinema to be thrilled, and this movie is thrilling. – 9/10

Wreck-It Ralph (2012) – Rich Moore

wreck-it-ralph-video-game-cameos-listI showed Wreck-It Ralph to the International Cinema Club as the CGI/3D animation representative for the theme of Exploring Animation. Instead of writing another summary here, I’ll just link you to my spoiler-filled review/summary of the movie I posted on this blog a while ago. – 10/10


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